We will work with healthcare professionals and organisations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for Better Health and Wellbeing for and with the South Asian/BME Communities.


  • We aim to achieve greater health and wellbeing equality for the South Asian communities with a particular focus on tackling our priority health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • We will work in partnership to maximise the assets and resources that we have in the Borough to achieve the best possible outcomes for BME communities.
  • The BME/South Asian community will have high aspirations for their own health and wellbeing outcomes and will feel in control, empowered and able to manage their own conditions
  • We will enable people from the BME/South Asian community to seek intervention and to access services by working collaboratively with our partners.
  • We will work to influence the strategies and delivery of health and wellbeing services with service providers.


Current changes within traditional supplies of NHS and Council services means that these institutions may no longer be able to provide the current level of services and will have to look at alternative, local, quality and value for money alternatives. BME Health and Wellbeing will work the NHS and local Councils to provide preventative solutions to deliver the health and wellbeing agenda.


  • Empower members of the BME/South Asian community so that they can influence key decisions that affect them
  • Number of residents/patients reporting higher satisfaction with health and social care locally
  • Increase in number of people from the BME/South Asian population taking part in engagement events
  • An increase in the number of BME/South Asian beneficiaries feeling healthier and making adjustments in their lifestyle and life choices
  • Number of street/health champions – awareness and information provided